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The Icelandic Heritage
is a richly illustrated, 8 x 11 inch volume published in a limited edition of 3000 numbered copies.   Through rare pictures and readable accounts, it takes the reader on a journey into the past - on a fascinating voyage of discovery into the eventful and often incredibly harsh chapters of Icelandic history, out of which Icelandic emigrants emerged to begin new lives in North America during the era from 1870 to 1915.

The chapters of The Icelandic Heritage carry the reader back in time to the ancient origins of the Norse race and trace the achievements and ordeals of the Icelandic people through the centuries - from the Viking Age through Iceland's Saga Age into the dark years leading to Iceland's eventual revival as a nation, and finally up to the era of emigration to America.  
In a special genealogical section featuring multiple charts, a framework is also provided for recording a detailed family tree extending back on all branches to the 17 th Century, and lineages are also provided to establish descent from Vikings and Mediaeval nobility, Iceland's settlers and saga personages, and other notables in Icelandic history.
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