Ólöf Pétursdóttir from Burstarfell
-   "...there were some with whom Björn did not care to test his steel - among them his sister Ólöf, who was said to be more than a match for him.   On one occasion, when Ólöf was nine months pregnant, she happened to be at the dockside in Vopnafjörður while barrels of meal were being unloaded.   The merchant, seeing her condition and thinking himself clever, remarked that he would give her 'these two barrels' if she carried them up to Skálanes.   Without hesitating, Ólöf hoisted a barrel under each arm and set off, delivering them to the appointed place and later collecting them as her reward.   Ólöf´s husband was a ne'er-do-well called 'Soulless Sveinn', with whom Björn often toyed.   One day, while Ólöf was washing her husband's wool socks in a stream, Björn came for a visit and greeted his sister by asking, 'Is your tomcat at home?'   Ólöf stood up and promptly beat Björn about the head with the wet socks, answering, 'I'll tell you this much, his socks are at home!'   Björn made no reply, but beat a hasty retreat."


Thórður Árnason of Arnheiðarstaðir (b. 1662) - "It seems that the local minister of Thórður's parish was annoyed by the comings and goings of his parishioners during his Sunday sermons, and for this reason he had his helper lock the church door during the service.   Thórður was not much of a churchgoer, but when he heard about the vicar's edict, he showed up at church the following Sunday, a chamber pot under his arm, and sat right in front of the altar.   In the midst of the minister's sermon, Thórður stood up with his pot and nonchalantly proceeded to relieve himself without a hint of modesty, turning himself in full view of the pulpit.   The angry minister chastized Thórður for this scandalous conduct, to which Thórður replied matter-of-factly that not everyone could sit through such long-winded sermons without having to 'cast water', and that he was one of them - there likely being others as well.   The point - however indelicate - was made, and the church doors were left unlocked after that."