The Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre houses one of the most extensive collections of Icelandic genealogical resources in North America - including letters, books, newspapers, manuscripts, microfilm, files, photographs, and unpublished research.    With permission from the National Archives of Iceland, it is one of just two collections outside Iceland that holds microfilm copies (725 rolls) of Icelandic ministerial and census records.   

The approach to genealogy at Eyrarbakki is based on the philosophy that family history should be an exciting process of discovery that 'breathes life' into the stories of our ancestors - rather than lengthy rosters of names and dates.    In keeping with this idea, original research delves into sources ranging from church records to colourful Icelandic lore found only in obscure manuscripts and publications. 

Relying mainly on documentary sources - but including anecdotal accounts - this research forms the basis of reconstructed 'biographical profiles' that provide details on the lives of individual ancestors - from cradle to grave.