The Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre

Located on the scenic west shore of Lake Winnipeg, in historic New Iceland, the Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre (Fræðisetrið á Eyrarbakka) houses a unique collection of books, newspapers, manuscripts, genealogical sources, photographs, and artifacts relating to Icelandic settlement in North America.    The name Eyrarbakki dates back to 1876 when this site near Hnausa, Manitoba, was first homesteaded.

The Eyrarbakki IHC was established by Nelson Gerrard in 1988 as a personal initiative to provide a formal setting for a growing collection of materials contributed by individuals wishing to support the preservation of the Icelandic heritage.   The centre operates year round, but comprises part of a private residence and is open by appointment only.

Specialized services include Icelandic genealogical research, translation, photo restoration, and antiquarian consultation (re: old books, manuscripts, artifacts, etc.).

Nelson Gerrard ( )

Ph. 204-378-2758  'Eyrarbakki', Box 925, Arborg, Manitoba   R0C 0A0   Canada