3. This unidentified cabinet photo of a mother and two daughters came from Anna (Benedictson) Wark.   Written on the back was 'Benedikt Kristjánsson', the name of Anna's paternal grandfather who was a pioneer at Icelandic River (Riverton).   Recognizable as taken at Icelandic River in 1890, the photo was suggestive of a widow, which in turn suggested the possibility that this could be Jóhanna Antoníusardóttir from Ásunnarstaðir, who arrived at Icelandic River as a widow with two daughters in 1888.   A daughter from Jóhanna's second marriage confirmed this, even recalling that the girls' straw hats had been bought in England en route to Canada.

4. This small 'carte de visite' portrait came from an album owned by Johanna (Skaptason) Wilson of Winnipeg.   Measuring only 2 ¼ in. (6 cm) in width, it was eventually recognized as identical to a much larger framed portrait I had seen in a house near Riverton (of Thorvaldur Thorarinsson, a pioneer at Icelandic River).   As only the head and shoulders had been enlarged, the two pictures had no obvious similarity, but side by side comparison confirmed that the small photo was indeed the source of the larger image.    The only apparent connection between Thorvaldur and the original owner of the photo, Johanna's grandmother, was that both came from the same district in Iceland.