Following are four of many mystery photographs that have been successfully identified:

1. This striking cabinet portrait of an Icelandic 'old timer' came from Verne Austman in Ontario.   It was recognized from a poor quality photocopy of a newspaper obituary as Jón Jónsson 'the rich' from Gilsárstekkur, an early pioneer near Baldur, Manitoba, where he was known as 'Jón í Sex' (Jón in [Section] Six).   The pose is noteworthy for the fact that Jón had a hare-lip - almost concealed by the angle of his head.

2. This cabinet photo from Dilla (Bjarnason) Sallows of Winnipeg bore only the inscription 'Sophonias & his mother'.   Because the name Sophonias is unusual, however, it was possible to deduce that this was Sóffonías Björnsson (Johnson) from Blikalón on Melrakkaslétta, who emigrated at age 8 in 1886 with his parents, Björn Jónsson and Sigríður Halldórsdóttir.   Taken c 1892-93, when Björn was 14, this photo was undoubtedly a confirmation portrait.   'Sig' Johnson of Seattle, Björn's son, was able to confirm this identification from a portrait of his grandmother made from this same photo.