'The Photo Detective'

Unidentified photographs from a century or more ago present a unique challenge to family historians and photo archivists.   It seems impossible to put names to the faces in these old sepia images with any certainty.   Before you discard these old pictures, though, why not consult 'the photo detective'?

Through keen interest and years of studying thousands of photographs across North America and in Iceland, I have learned to recognize many of the Icelandic pioneers who settled in Canada and the United States.  To gather clues useful in identification mysteries, several specialized photo ID techniques are aso used:

•  estimating personal age vs. photo age
•  using photo provenance for ID clues
•  making facial and ear comparisons
•  assessing photo placement within albums
•  matching birth order/ages of children

If you have unidentified photographs, I welcome the challenge of dating and identifying them.    I am equally interested in comparing your identified photos with the hundreds of unidentified pictures in the collection here at Eyrarbakki.   For details please contact me at info@sagapublications or 204-378-2758 and see Silent Flashes - 'Sharing Old Photos'.
Do you recognize this mystery family from New Iceland...?