Icelandic Books...

Few things are more symbolic of the Icelandic people and their culture than books.  The immigrants not only brought thousands of books with them, they launched a prolific publishing industry in Canada.

The Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre houses a large library of books, periodicals, almanacs, newspapers, and pamphlets - from rare 18th Century volumes to a wide range of material published in Canada.    Special subject areas in this collection include genealogy, Icelandic folklore, daily life in Iceland, biographies, poetry, literature, and Icelandic emigration.

Many of these publications have been salvaged from house clearances or donated by people no longer able to read Icelandic but looking for a good home for their books. Condition issues resulting from much handling, poor storage, or mishaps are common.   Among these books and papers, however, are items of great interest to a researcher specializing in Icelandic history and culture, and the collection is well used.