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Do you have old photographs? Silent Flashes is a creative new initiative to preserve, identify, and utilize old pictures to explore the Icelandic immigrant experience in North America and celebrate the rich photographic heritage of Icelandic immigrants - including the work of Icelandic photographers in both Canada and the US. Based on the expanding photograph archive at the Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre, this project was officially launched in 2004 with the opening of the Silent Flashes exhibit at Hofsos, Iceland. A book and documentary, also both entitled Silent Flashes, are now in the works.
The Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre houses a unique collection of documents, manuscripts, books, genealogical resources, photographs, and artifacts...
"Journey into the forgotten past...
into the lives and times of your ancestors..."
The Icelandic Heritage is a richly illustrated, limited-edition book in English for those who wish to learn about life
in Iceland prior to emigration.
Maps of Iceland enhance family history research
and facilitate planning for self-guided tours of ancestral farmsteads.

Icelandic Heritage Signs are a new way to
celebrate Icelandic place names in North America - old or new.
Gimlunga Saga I-III is a multi-volume work in progress. This new history of Gimli area pioneers and their descendants will provide ancestral links for at least 100,000 North American descendants.
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